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Lesson 310 In fearlessness and love I spend today.

Lesson 310

In fearlessness and love I spend today.

This day, my Father, would I spend with You, as You have chosen all my days should be. And what I will experience is not of time at all. The joy that comes to me is not of days nor hours, for it comes from Heaven to Your Son. This day will be Your sweet reminder to remember You, Your gracious calling to Your holy Son, the sign Your grace has come to me, and that it is Your Will I be set free today.

We spend this day together, you and I. And all the world joins with us in our song of thankfulness and joy to Him Who gave salvation to us, and Who set us free. We are restored to peace and holiness. There is no room in us for fear today, for we have welcomed love into our hearts.

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Lesson 310
"In fearlessness and love I spend today."

Love and fear cannot coexist. When I accept Love into my heart, fear is gone. The Love of God has no conditions or limits. It is given equally to all. There are no reservations. There is no Love held back in reserve in case some extra may be needed sometime, because Love is limitless.

The ego thinks in terms of limitation. It cannot conceive of giving everything away, because to the ego, this means loss. But to Love, giving all of Itself away brings joy, because Love gives only to Love, for only Love is real.

In Love, giving and receiving are the same. In the ego, giving is loss and receiving is gain. But they are never the same. Receiving Love into my heart makes me fearless. I am fearless because I have recognized that within me is the Source of all strength, which unites me with everything that is. With nothing outside me, there is nothing to fear. This fearlessness does not come from having mightier weapons or great physical strength. It does not come with believing I have power to overcome all my enemies. This fearlessness comes from recognizing I have no enemies, for everything that is, is one with me in Love.

Today I ask the Holy Spirit to help me see the Love in all my brothers that unites me with them and them with me. I ask for help in seeing past form to the heart of Love that lies in all things. I see this through forgiveness, through letting go of the past, through letting go of false images that make it look as though I am separate. With Holy Spirit's help I will look upon a forgiven world and welcome Love into my heart.

The two sentences that stand out to me today in this lesson are, "We spend this day together, you and I," (2:1) and "There is no room in us for fear today, for we have welcomed love into our hearts." (2:4) Jesus is asking me to join with him in giving Love welcome. So my job today is to join with Jesus in remembering Love. When I open my mind to Jesus, he reminds me that only Love is real and that anything else is illusion. When I am willing to remember that only Love is real, fear is impossible. There is no need for defense, no need for attack, no need to look for differences, no need to be afraid.

Love is sharing all with all. Love is sharing one Identity. Today I welcome seeing one Identity. Today I practice welcoming Love as it really is. There is no specialness in Love and there is no specialness in me or any form found in this world. Today I would let myself be carried by Love and remember that Love is all that is true and real. In fearlessness and Love I spend today.

Most Holy Spirit, my Heavenly Divine Guidance, please help me remember that today I would spend with my Father and in so doing, I will not be afraid to love or be loved. And if I should stray, Holy Spirit, help me remember that it is just an opportunity for me to heal and be set free, which is my Father's will for me. Amen

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