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Lesson 306 The gift of Christ is all I seek today.

Lesson 306

The gift of Christ is all I seek today.

What but Christ's vision would I use today, when it can offer me a day in which I see a world so like to Heaven that an ancient memory returns to me? Today I can forget the world I made. Today I can go past all fear, and be restored to love and holiness and peace. Today I am redeemed, and born anew into a world of mercy and of care; of loving kindness and the peace of God.

And so, our Father, we return to You, remembering we never went away; remembering Your holy gifts to us. In gratitude and thankfulness we come, with empty hands and open hearts and minds, asking but what You give. We cannot make an offering sufficient for Your Son. But in Your Love the gift of Christ is his.

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Lesson 306
"The gift of Christ is all I seek today."

Let me become aware of the truth, my Father. The truth is you created us all as one. We are all part of the one Christ Mind. Christ's vision is Your gift. I would come with empty hands and an open heart and mind to accept the truth that we all are one and that we have never left the Mind of God.

Today let me accept the truth that illusions are nothing and Love is all there is. Let my mind be healed today of all false imaginings, of all belief in separation. Let me cease trying to make a will of my own which does nothing and goes nowhere. Let me practice accepting the truth today. The gift of Christ is all I seek today.

This world was made out of allegiance to the idea of separation. Its purpose is to make separation appear real. It has a strange appeal because it seems to offer something I think I want. It seems to offer me independence and the "freedom" to make decisions on my own. But what it does not show and seeks to hide is the fact that to have this world I must deny my Creator, my Home and my Self. I must deny the strength and Love of God.

Nothing I make in this world can satisfy the Son of God, which is my Self. All seeking in this world for satisfaction and completion will always lead to failure, for my completion is found in my Creator, in Love, and can be found nowhere else.

It is time to end playing with childish, empty and meaningless toys. Each time I seek for pleasure or happiness in these toys I soon discover that they offer nothing that satisfies. But if I seek again within this world, I may find things that bring moments of seeming happiness but they never satisfy. Nothing in this world is worthy of the Son of God, and so it cannot satisfy.

Today I seek in a new direction. I seek the gift of Christ, Which is my Self. Today I set aside childish toys and open my mind to the blessing given me in my creation. I accept my Self as It was created by God. Here I will find true satisfaction and true freedom, for the gift of Christ is limitless. It is the gift of Love that extends forever and forever. And I give thanks.

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