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Lesson 296 The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.

Lesson 296

The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.

The Holy Spirit needs my voice today, that all the world may listen to Your Voice, and hear Your Word through me. I am resolved to let You speak through me, for I would use no words but Yours, and have no thoughts which are apart from Yours, for only Yours are true. I would be savior to the world I made. For having damned it I would set it free, that I may find escape, and hear the Word Your holy Voice will speak to me today.

We teach today what we would learn, and that alone. And so our learning goal becomes an unconflicted one, and possible of easy reach and quick accomplishment. How gladly does the Holy Spirit come to rescue us from hell, when we allow His teaching to persuade the world, through us, to seek and find the easy path to God.

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Lesson 296
"The Holy Spirit speaks through me today."

When the Holy Spirit speaks, His message is always, like the Course, a message of forgiveness. Thus when the Holy Spirit speaks through me, it is a message of forgiveness. The Holy Spirit speaks through me by demonstration. Words without demonstration are meaningless. It is as I demonstrate forgiveness in my life that the Holy Spirit speaks through me.

I forgive when I recognize that there is truly nothing to forgive. All seeming events in this world are illusions, whether or not I think they are real. As I listen to the Holy Spirit's teaching and accept it as true, I learn to recognize the illusion for what it is.At first, it seems only possible to apply it in certain specific instances. This is not because the Holy Spirit's teaching does not apply universally. It is only because I am not willing to bring all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit for His gentle correction. But the Holy Spirit is happy to receive every thought of fear and guilt I am willing to bring to Him.

Each thought I bring to Him He shows me is untrue, an illusion, a mistaken perception. As I bring more and more of my thoughts to Him, I begin to recognize the common thread that underlies them all. I begin to see that what I thought were distinct and different circumstances are really the same. And thus forgiveness of a seeming single event generalizes to embrace all events that I recognize as similar.

This progression leads to the point where I will recognize that all events, circumstances and apparent happenings in this world are the same; all are illusions. With this recognition, I let them all go and I see a forgiven world, the real world. I am ready to take God's Hand and return to the Heaven that is my Home.

Holy Spirit, today I dedicate to continuing the practice of bringing all my thoughts to You and opening my mind to Your healing correction. Thus will I think with You and offer only Your Thoughts to the world. I would let You speak through me today.

As I continue to practice recognizing daily that the world I see is a dream that I made up, I hand it over to the Holy Spirit's gentle correction. It is the Holy Spirit in my mind that knows how to heal dreams of separation. It is the Holy Spirit in my mind That has the answer for every conflict I perceive. The Holy Spirit knows how to look past the dream to the truth that lies behind and will show me this truth if I but ask. The dream I made appears so real that I do not recognize it as a dream. The Holy Spirit needs to be my constant Companion and Guide through this maze I made.

My practice today is to step back and listen to the Holy Spirit's healing perception. The Holy Spirit always shows me that separation is not real, that guilt is not real. The Holy Spirit shows me the innocence and unity that lies behind every conflict I perceive. Thus the Holy Spirit brings me peace of mind.

Today I would practice opening to the Holy Spirit again and again that all my perceptions be corrected. On my own I know nothing. With the Holy Spirit, I am led to wake up from the dream of separation. The Holy Spirit speaks through me today throug

Where is my mind? Right now, am I joining with the ego or with the Holy Spirit? The ego always brings perceptions of conflict. The Holy Spirit always brings perception of innocence and unity. What I see tells me which guide I am choosing. Today I will practice choosing the easy path to God.

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