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Lesson 295 The Holy Spirit looks through me today.

Lesson 295

The Holy Spirit looks through me today.

Christ asks that He may use my eyes today, and thus redeem the world. He asks this gift that He may offer peace of mind to me, and take away all terror and all pain. And as they are removed from me, the dreams that seemed to settle on the world are gone. Redemption must be one. As I am saved, the world is saved with me. For all of us must be redeemed together. Fear appears in many different forms, but love is one.

My Father, Christ has asked a gift of me, and one I give that it be given me. Help me to use the eyes of Christ today, and thus allow the Holy Spirit's Love to bless all things which I may look upon, that His forgiving Love may rest on me.

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Lesson 295
"The Holy Spirit looks through me today."

When I look through the body's eyes, it sure doesn't seem that what I see is coming from my mind. It seems like a tree falling over in the wind or a leaf falling from a tree, a ripple on the lake has nothing to do with my mind.

It's all part of the ego's scheme to make separation seem real. At the core of this scheme is the belief that I am a body. If I did not belief that the body is real and that I am the body, I would not believe anything the body's eyes see.

Yesterday's lesson reminded me that God did not make the body but He did create His Son, Who is me and remains part of Him. Identification with the body blocks awareness of my Self, God's Son. Offering Christ the gift of my eyes so that the Holy Spirit may look through me is how I step back from body identification. What the Holy Spirit sees has nothing to do with the body. His is the vision of Love. Thus with His vision I see Love and recognize It within my Self.

As I learn to question everything the body's eyes shows me and ask instead to receive Christ's vision, I open my mind to the awareness of my Self, of Love. Nothing that seems to happen to the body that I have called me has any effect whatsoever on What I am. I am Love's extension and all there is to see is Love's extension. I am perfectly safe, for Love is harmless, kind and forever at peace. This is the gift I receive when I give my eyes to Christ today. It is the gift of freedom from all pain, all sorrow, all fear and guilt. It is the gift of recognition of my Self, seen in everyone I look upon as unity is restored to my mind. And I give thanks.

Christ asks that He may use my eyes today in order to show me unity where I once saw separation. When Christ uses my eyes, I will be shown what forgiveness shows me. I will be shown unity rather than division, Love rather than fear, peace rather than conflict, joy rather than sorrow, goodwill rather than the projection of judgment and hatred.

I am either seeing through the eyes of Christ or I am seeing through the eyes of the ego. The ego shows me the separation that stems from the belief that I broke off from the All and became an individual self, separate and alone. With this belief comes the illusionary perception that I can make decisions on my own, and that I can have a will separate from God's. The ego thought system creates the semblance of having a split off mind that is separate from God's Mind. This split off mind makes illusions of separation appear to be real. It makes the separation I see through the body's eyes appear to be solid and real.

On the other hand, I can choose to see through the eyes of Christ. Through the eyes of Christ, I see the opposite of what the ego shows me. The eyes of Christ show me that individuality and being different from Love are not true. The eyes of Christ see past the illusions of separate forms to the one formless Mind of Love That is What we all are. The eyes of Christ brings the awareness of the eternal present, the eternal now, the holy instant. The eyes of Christ see past the illusion of time and space to an awareness of the eternal Love of God, Which is all that is real.

Holy Spirit, I ask only that I see through the eyes of Christ today. I want to see the truth of oneness instead of illusions of separation. I want to forgive all my false ideas and be brought to what is eternally true. I want to remember my true Identity as eternal Love and let go of what was never real. I want to stop denying my Father and accept my brother as he truly is. I open my mind to seeing through the eyes of Christ today, remembering that what I ask for in my heart of hearts, I receive and give as I have received.

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