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Lesson 257 Let me remember what my purpose is.

Lesson 257

Let me remember what my purpose is.

If I forget my goal I can be but confused, unsure of what I am, and thus conflicted in my actions. No one can serve contradicting goals and serve them well. Nor can he function without deep distress and great depression. Let us therefore be determined to remember what we want today, that we may unify our thoughts and actions meaningfully, and achieve only what God would have us do this day.

Father, forgiveness is Your chosen means for our salvation. Let us not forget today that we can have no will but Yours. And thus our purpose must be Yours as well, if we would reach the peace You will for us.


Lesson 257
"Let me remember what my purpose is."

My purpose today and everyday is to remember God. My purpose today and everyday is to remember my true Identity and my brother's true Identity. My purpose is to remember that we are still one in God's Mind. We have not left God's Mind. We are still as God created us. My purpose is to let go of vain imaginings and return to the one truth that is always there.

There is only one universal Love. God's Love is extended to all equally. This is what I would remember today. This is my one goal. Today I let my mind be healed of all little conflicting goals which really mean nothing. I have one goal today and that is to remember that I live only in God's Mind. Let me remember what my purpose is.

What I really want is God's Will for me, because I share His Will in truth. If I am not experiencing the peace of God, I have chosen or judged against God's Will. It is this judgment that must be forgiven or let go of.

Judging against the Will of God, perceiving It to be different from my own, does not change the reality of What I am. But it does change the experience of what I am. If my desire is to be different, I will reject What is the same and experience being different. By the grace of God, the reality of What I am does not change. I need only cease my judgment against God and I will know my Self as I was created.

If I perceive myself as being attacked, this simply reflects my belief that I can attack and therefore be attacked. This stems from the core belief that I have attacked God by judging against or rejecting His Will. What I believe people do to me is what I believe God would do to me because it is what I believe that I did to God. The nature of projection is that first we look within and what we believe we are we project onto others and onto God.

As I forgive or let go of my judgment against God, I can see Him as the Love He is and thus see my Self as the Love I am. Thus my purpose in this world is to forgive or let go of my judgments against Love. Thus I clear the way to the return to full awareness of my Self as Love and nothing else. Let me remember my purpose today.

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