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Lesson 256 God is the only goal I have today.

Lesson 256

God is the only goal I have today.

The way to God is through forgiveness here. There is no other way. If sin had not been cherished by the mind, what need would there have been to find the way to where you are? Who would still be uncertain? Who could be unsure of who he is? And who would yet remain asleep, in heavy clouds of doubt about the holiness of him whom God created sinless? Here we can but dream. But we can dream we have forgiven him in whom all sin remains impossible, and it is this we choose to dream today. God is our goal; forgiveness is the means by which our minds return to Him at last.

And so, our Father, would we come to You in Your appointed way. We have no goal except to hear Your Voice, and find the way Your sacred Word has pointed out to us.

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Lesson 256
"God is the only goal I have today."

This is one of the places in the Course where he tells us point blank that the only way to God is through forgiveness. That is what it means in the introduction to the Course when it says, "This is a required course."

What needs to be forgiven is the idea that we have a different will than God's Will. Forgiveness makes way for us to accept God's Will for us. God's Will is that we be united with Him and share all His Love, all His peace, all His joy with Him. Nothing less, and there is nothing more.

The ego is the idea that it is possible to have more than Everything, Which is God. It is the wish for more than everything that must be forgiven. This wish plays out in the world in myriad forms. It plays out in addictions of all kinds. It plays out in workaholism, in needy relationships, in competition and depression, to name a few. It could be said this whole world is an addiction to specialness or individuality. All these forms are ego attempts to offer substitutes for God's Love.

It could be said that forgiveness is letting go of searching for substitutes for God. We only search for substitutes because we are not willing to accept what God has given us. Through forgiveness, we clear the way to accept His gifts.

Today I ask the Holy Spirit's help to forgive myself for seeking substitutes for God. Thus will I clear my mind to reach a unified goal to seek God and only God today. Thus will I receive His gifts, for I have cleared the way to give them to all my brothers.

Father, I would hear Your Voice today. I would open my mind to You to hear Your clear correction of my mistaken mind. I surrender to Your Thoughts. I would have none of my own.

I seek only to return to God today and have my thoughts be healed. I seek only the one answer to all pains and ills, lack and isolation. I open to God today and let God's Word lead me so that I can be truly helpful to the Sonship.

I would not delay my return to the truth. I would not delay my brothers return to the truth. I have only one goal today, the return to Love. My trust in Love alone increases as I allow Love's healing touch upon my mind. Everything softens and it becomes easier to see past bodily forms to the one Christ mind that is always there. "God is the only goal I have today."

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