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Lesson 83 Review: “My only function is the one God gave me.”and “My happiness and my function are one.”


Today let us review these ideas:

My only function is the one God gave me.

I have no function but the one God gave me. This recognition releases me from all conflict, because it means I cannot have conflicting goals. With one purpose only, I am always certain what to do, what to say and what to think. All doubt must disappear as I acknowledge that my only function is the one God gave me.

More specific applications of this idea might take these forms:

My perception of this does not change my function.

This does not give me a function other than the one God gave me.
Let me not use this to justify a function God did not give me.

My happiness and my function are one.

All things that come from God are one. They come from Oneness, and must be received as one. Fulfilling my function is my happiness because both come from the same Source. And I must learn to recognize what makes me happy, if I would find happiness.

Some useful forms for specific applications of this idea are:

This cannot separate my happiness from my function.

The oneness of my happiness and my function remains wholly unaffected by this.
Nothing, including this, can justify the illusion of happiness apart from my function.


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Lesson 83
Review: “My only function is the one God gave me.”and “My happiness and my function are one.”

God’s Love is constant and changeless. As I was created by God’s Love as Love, I am constant and changeless. The Love I am is my function. My true Identity is my happiness. In reality there can be no conflicting goals. If I think I have another goal, that goal is meaningless and an illusion. There is no other goal than God’s Love because there can be nothing besides God’s Love. My remembering this is my salvation.

It is my job to recognize empty goals and let them go. It is only when I stick to my true function that I can be truly happy. This is my practice today. My only function is the one God gave me. My happiness and my function are one.

If I was created by Love as Love, then my only function can be to Love. Love is changeless, always giving. And because giving and receiving are the same, Love is always receiving what it gives. To attempt to stop Love or limit Love in any way is to reject Love as It is and try to make It something It is not. Since I am Love, to reject Love is to reject my Self.

This world was made as an attempt to change Love, to make Love different, unequal, special. In this world of limitation, it is not possible to fully experience Love, but we can prepare the way to that experience through forgiveness.

In this world, forgiveness is Love’s reflection. So while I believe in this world, my only function is forgiveness, letting go of all attempts to change Love. Forgiveness is letting go of conflicting goals. All judgment is an attempt to impose goals other than Love.

Love makes no demands. It holds no grievances. Through forgiveness, I release demands and grievances. This is how I open the door to the true happiness that comes with singleness of purpose, having one goal and no other. Peace comes with accepting my function of always offering Love and nothing else.

Holy Spirit, help me today to maintain this singleness of purpose, to see only Love and offer only Love. In deepest gratitude I accept my only function.

I bought my son his first car this weekend. It cost a bit more than I had planned to pay and I was worried about making the notes. As I did my lesson for the day I decided that this was a wonderful opportunity to practice it.

I realized that my goal was not to make more money to pay this higher note or anything else about the money. My goal was to release the fear and embrace the love. I didn't ask God for anything to do with fixing the problem. I asked Holy Spirit for another way to see this situation. I think that this is how I can learn to stick to my true function; by not allowing myself to get distracted by a myriad of perceived problems.

Let me know only You, God. Let me be only as You created me to be. I am content with this. I need nothing else. I want to be only as I was created to be. I am one with You in this. You created me from Yourself. This is what I am. Being this is my greatest happiness, my true joy. Being anything else is pretense, a sham, a false image built on nothingness. My reality is what I am, that comes from You.

I sit in this awareness. I sit in willingness to acknowledge and extend this true Self. I know Holy Spirit can bring this to me. I trust that my true Self is knowable and that I can come to know my Self with the guidance of Holy Spirit. What could be more natural and satisfying than to be my Real Self? Being my Real Self is my function, my only function. This is also my happiness. They are joined as one inseparable breath of God's Life. I live because God lives in me.

Each breath of God's awareness enlivens me, fills me with quickening energy that radiates through me. My being lives. I am resurrected from the body and feel the breath of True Life once more. This is Heaven. I am free to breathe Love, only Love. There is no greater happiness, no greater joy than this. I am complete and whole in God as I Am. My only function and only happiness is to be I Am. I am filled with gratitude to be Who I Am.

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