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Lesson 58 Review of Lessons 36 - 40


These ideas are for review today:

1. My holiness envelops everything I see.
From my holiness does the perception of the real world come. Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty. I can accept the innocence that is the truth about me. Seen through understanding eyes, the holiness of the world is all I see, for I can picture only the thoughts I hold about myself.

2. My holiness blesses the world.
The perception of my holiness does not bless me alone. Everyone and everything I see in its light shares in the joy it brings to me. There is nothing that is apart from this joy, because there is nothing that does not share my holiness. As I recognize my holiness, so does the holiness of the world shine forth for everyone to see.

3. There is nothing my holiness cannot do.
My holiness is unlimited in its power to heal, because it is unlimited in its power to save. What is there to be saved from except illusions? And what are all illusions except false ideas about myself? My holiness undoes them all by asserting the truth about me. In the presence of my holiness, which I share with God Himself, all idols vanish.

4. My holiness is my salvation.
Since my holiness saves me from all guilt, recognizing my holiness is recognizing my salvation. It is also recognizing the salvation of the world. Once I have accepted my holiness, nothing can make me afraid. And because I am unafraid, everyone must share in my understanding, which is the gift of God to me and to the world.

5. I am blessed as a Son of God.
Herein lies my claim to all good and only good. I am blessed as a Son of God. All good things are mine, because God intended them for me. I cannot suffer any loss or deprivation or pain because of Who I am. My Father supports me, protects me, and directs me in all things. His care for me is infinite, and is with me forever. I am eternally blessed as His Son.


Lesson 58
Review of Lessons 36 - 40

Accepting my holiness is accepting my wholeness. It is accepting that all is one whole in God. This means I can not accept only part of the whole and have it be true. Wholeness means all. All is whole as one Love, one Light. As I see my brother’s Light, I am seeing my Light. One Light is the same as every Light. Like a hologram, the whole is in every part. When I am blessed as a Son of God, everyone is blessed as a Son of God. This makes things very simple and uncomplicated. This means everyone is the same.

Holy Spirit, help me see this sameness. Help me see the unity today. Help me play my part in the undoing of dreams. I am open to Your Word today. I am open to letting You change my perceptions to be in alignment with seeing only wholeness. When I remember wholeness, there is nothing to fear. There is no lack, no guilt, only joy, only appreciation, only gratitude that only wholeness is true and nothing else is true. The stories of differences are not true. They never were and never will be. I am willing to soak in remembering wholeness today. Remembering wholeness blesses the world.

This lesson is helping me to see a new image of myself. It is certainly not the image I have carried with me from infancy or perhaps even before. That image has shown me only pain and fear. The image this lesson presents is wholly free of pain and fear and guilt. The part of me that still believes in the old image feels unworthy of this new image and fights against it, even though it yearns to believe it is true. It seems insane to resist release from pain, doubt, guilt and loss, and it is. It is just the insane part of my mind that believes in what could never be that resists accepting the beautiful, peaceful and loving image that is presented in this lesson. By definition, insanity is simply believing in what is not true.

I am grateful that belief can be changed. I am grateful that I have in my mind the Master Therapist Who can guide me to let go of mistaken beliefs and accept the truth of Who I am. These lessons offer a new image that is older than time. They hold before me a reflection of what I have not believed I could see. They show me my innocence, given me by my Creator, still mine, unaffected by mistaken beliefs.

I am deeply grateful for God’s grace, which holds my holiness safe for me while I wander in the wilderness of false ideas. I am grateful for God’s grace in giving me a Teacher in my mind Who is always with me no matter where I wander, offering me a new vision, a vision of the Truth. I am grateful for these lessons that help open my mind to this new vision. And most of all I am thankful for my loving Creator, Who has not changed His mind about me.

This morning, just as I was waking up, I had a thought that I hoped I would have a successful day today. I thought that because the day before had not been very successful in the sense that I had felt somewhat depressed and felt like I was not progressing spiritually as quickly as I thought I should be. However, as I was driving to work I realized that my definition of "success" was that of having a peaceful day. I realized my values have changed and that what I am grateful for is my serenity and peace of mind. This course and these lessons have changed my life, regardless of my resistance; for this I am truly grateful.

Thank you Father, thank you Holy Spirit, for not abandoning me, for loving me, and for giving meaning to my life. Amen.

From today’s lesson I feel such joy as I basque in the idea that God wants me Home, that God wants all of us Home. It’s just that simple to be wanted and to be loved. There is no quota I have to meet. Nothing I have to do. Just to accept the invitation. It’s so easy to get caught up in ego thought patterns such as when I do this perfectly or be that perfectly, then I can be at peace and I can be wanted and loved and share joy. I am more deeply inspired than ever with this lesson to remember to accept this invitation to come Home where I can be me, loved equally and loving equally.

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