Saturday, July 8, 2017

Who's Asking? with Barb 07/08/2017 

Awaken to the Powerful Experience of Unity
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"You can't get to Heaven alone,
for in Heaven we are 'AllOne' together"

-  Rev. Devan J. Byrne   
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"There is always a simple solution, always an answer to any question you choose to believe is worth asking."  
-  Rev. Devan J. Byrne   
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Who's Asking? - Inquiring the Moment with Barb

Join Barbara and Devan in applying the proper perception of right-minded thinking. The question isnt only who am I but who is asking themselves? Our hopes of escaping the dreams of the world, by freeing ourselves of what it has to offer.

"When you are still, everything moves."  
-  Rev. Devan J. Byrne   
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