Monday, June 26, 2017

New "False Prophet???" False Prophet? - A New Look on Dogma. on 06/26/2017

Time for a life-changing conversation.
False Prophet??? with Dr. Mark
A New Look at Old Dogma.
Join in today's live, inspiring conversation with Rev. Devan Divine on

   Comprehension, Stair-way & Mind-Training
 Jun 26, 2017 11:11 am


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"You are perfect. Even in your perceived imperfections, you are exactly as god intends for you to be in this moment. So embrace your individuality, because without you, god would be incomplete."
-  Dr. Mark   
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 Every religion and philosophy has a place within the divisions of the Eternal Variations of Truth, however there is only One Whole Completion of that Truth, which each of them all hold a piece of.
-  Rev. Devan J. Byrne   
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False Prophet??? with Dr.Mark - Description

Intrigued Skeptic and friend, Dr.Mark inquires the validity of Devan and what his experiences and revelations have unfolded to him in his life. Can we debate religion and spirituality? If we can do just that, the Truth will still remain to be True. Lets tune in and see what may be revealed in complete interrogation. Often referencing adjacent teachings of A Course in Miracles

"Proper Perception won't change your already made decisions, however it surly will remind you how excited you were to make them."  
-  Rev. Devan J. Byrne   
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