Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Good Morning IamACIM You Beautiful Soul,

You are welcome to join us live today. We will be open for debate, discussions and questions in the 'Open and Clear' chat-room while we record the following Podcasts:

"I AM: A Course in Miracles,
Speak Only When Spoken Through"

- A Daily guided discussions focused on the lessons of "A Course in Miracles"

@ 12:00PM Eastern /9:00AM Pacific
- Feel free to listen and enjoy, typing Comments and questions are much appreciated and assist in the clarity of the discussion.

- - - AND - - -

"False Prophet??? with Dr. Mark"

- Discussions with Rev. Devan Divine & Dr. Mark about understanding old religious dogmas within the revelations of the dream and its ten perceptive dimensions.

@ 2:00PM Eastern /11:00AM Pacific
- Your typed-in comments and questions will help drive the already intriguing conversations.

- - - AND - - -

"A Mystic's Mind:
A Guide to Medical Miracles"

- Educating and applying the use of a Mystics Extra-Sensory-Perseption as Medical-Intuition to identify the old habit patterns & belief systems that manifest into your symptoms.

@ 4:00PM Eastern /1:00PM Pacific
- We will be taking questions regarding your physical pains, diseases & disorders and what habitual beliefs they have manifested from, and what we can do to make a dramatic change.

Join in at,
& find more information here:

Your Cicerone of Truth,
Rev. Devan J. Byrne


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