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Lesson 357 Truth answers every call we make to God, Responding first with miracles, and then Returning unto us to be itself.

Lesson 357

Truth answers every call we make to God, Responding first with miracles, and then Returning unto us to be itself.

Forgiveness, truth's reflection, tells me how to offer miracles, and thus escape the prison house in which I think I live. Your holy Son is pointed out to me, first in my brother; then in me. Your Voice instructs me patiently to hear Your Word, and give as I receive. And as I look upon Your Son today, I hear Your Voice instructing me to find the way to You, as You appointed that the way shall be:

"Behold his sinlessness, and be you healed."

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Lesson 357
“Truth answers every all we make to God,
Responding first with miracles, and then
Returning unto us to be itself.”

If I truly want to see the truth, I will see the Light of God in every brother. If I want to see through the ego's eyes, I will see differences, weakness, lack and guilt. I will see death and sin, for that is what the ego is made to look for. And what the ego looks for it finds, even if it is just a project of its own thought system of separation. The power of choice is mine as long as I think I am living in this world.

This lesson is reminding me to behold the truth in my brother and as I do this, my mind will be healed. Beholding the truth in my brother comes with joining with the Holy Spirit in my mind. The Holy Spirit brings me miracles or a change of my perception. The Holy Spirit brings me an awareness of the truth in every brother when I am having trouble finding it on my own. The Holy Spirit purifies my thoughts of all false ideas.

As the false ideas are laid aside, the truth stands alone, unhindered by the ego's lies. The truth is always there. It always has been and always will be. The truth is true, and nothing else is true. The key to my healing is, how soon am I willing to return to the truth?

Joining with the ego only brings sickness, sorrow and pain. My tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit. Today I am willing to join with the Holy Spirit and recognize only what is true. Only this brings me the happy dreams of the Holy Spirit. In the happy dreams of the Holy Spirit, the false ideas are seen for what they are and gently laid aside.

In truth everyone is saved, everyone is still God's shining Light, as pure as God created them. When I join with the Holy Spirit, I am able to see this. I continue my practice with Holy Spirit today, knowing that what I practice I strengthen. Today is another day of letting my mind be healed.

Forgiveness gives welcome to the truth. Truth is ever present, but this world was made to be the denial of truth. Since we have signed on to the belief system of the world and made it our own, we need a means to let go of the denial of truth so that it is once more welcome in our minds.

That is what forgiveness is for. It is why forgiveness is called "truth's reflection." Forgiveness is an illusion along with all the other illusions of this world, with one important difference. Unlike other illusions, forgiveness welcomes truth and thus undoes illusion. So forgiveness serves a mighty purpose in this world. Forgiveness undoes the world and prepares our minds to accept the knowledge of God; to accept the joy of God; to accept the Love of God.

Forgiveness reveals to me the truth in my brother and thus I am healed. My perception of brother is always a reflection of what I think I am. As I am able to perceive the truth in him, it shows me the truth in myself. This is healing. This is the return to the recognition of my Self as It was created by God.

Because truth is ever present, it always answers a call that welcomes it. When I lay aside the sharp edged toys of illusion, the kindness and gentleness of truth is there to fill my heart. I see a world of kindness and gentleness. I see a world free of danger. I see a world where everyone is my Friend, reflecting back to me the truth of What I am.

Today I will practice taking every thought of condemnation, of fear and guilt, of irritation, disappointment or frustration, to the Holy Spirit. I will accept His help in laying down these painful illusions and welcome His vision that shows me the innocence in my brother, the changelessness in my Self, and the wholeness that I retain in my Creator, my Source, my Love. Thus will I offer salvation to the world as I accept it in myself.

When I am willing to forgive, it just means that I no longer want to live in the illusion; I am willing to surrender my own judgement of myself and my brothers and am open to receiving something other than what I've taught myself, thus escaping the prison in which I think I live. So, today I AM willing not to be imprisoned and I, therefore, choose to step back, follow and not lead, see sinlessness, and I will be healed. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

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