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Lesson 298 I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.

Lesson 298

I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.

My gratitude permits my love to be accepted without fear. And thus am I restored to my reality at last. All that intruded on my holy sight forgiveness takes away. And I draw near the end of senseless journeys, mad careers and artificial values. I accept instead what God establishes as mine, sure that in that alone I will be saved; sure that I go through fear to meet my Love.

Father, I come to You today, because I would not follow any way but Yours. You are beside me. Certain is Your way. And I am grateful for Your holy gifts of certain sanctuary, and escape from everything that would obscure my love for God my Father and His holy Son.

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Lesson 298
"I love You, Father, and I love Your Son."

In the popular television series, Survivor, each episode involves some challenge in which the participants must overcome their fears to gain a reward. They are willing to go through their fears because of the value they place on the reward. In some cases, more value is given to the fear and so they are not willing to walk through it to get the reward. This is a game of challenging illusions which seem fearful to gain a reward that is but another illusion which seems to have greater value.

In this lesson we are told that we can be sure that we can go through fear to meet our Love. In this case we walk through the illusion of fear to gain a reward that is real and eternal. We have help in going through the fear in the form of the Holy Spirit in our minds. And because the reward is actually the reality of What we already are, it's achievement is inevitable, guaranteed by God.

If we were willing to apply the same determination that the survivor participants demonstrate in their efforts to achieve their goal to walking through their fear to the Love of God, our world would be transformed. We would see a forgiven world, for we would walk past all fear.

There is no greater reward than the eternal, infinite Love of God. The means to reach it is in our minds. We need only bring all our thoughts to the Holy Spirit for His clarification and cleansing. He will bring them to the Light of Love. Fear will disappear, for we will recognize only Love is real.

Today I would practice once again bringing all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit to receive His interpretation. I would decide nothing on my own, for on my own I do not know what anything means. I would let Him guide my thoughts, my words and my actions so that I may be His messenger in this world and teach only Love.

My job now is to accept only what God establishes as mine. My job now is to let go of senseless journeys, mad careers and artificial values. My job now is to recognize that I am not a separate individual with a separate mind. In truth I am joined with my brother in the one Mind of God and differences hold no place in God's Mind.

Loving my Father is accepting my Father as He truly is without trying to change Him. Loving my brother means seeing past the images of separation to the extension of Love my brother truly is. My purpose now is to welcome the complete thought reversal that the Holy Spirit brings to my mistaken mind. The Holy Spirit shows me that the images of separation I see through the body's eyes could never be true and that Love, which is the only truth, could never change.

It is only when I try to change God's reality that I experience fear. Separation is a fearful thought indeed. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I walk through the fear to see that the false images of separation seen through the body's eyes have been nothing all along. They were only false ideas that could never be real. Once these images are seen for the nothingness that they are, fear falls away.

Today I practice recognizing the eternal truth in the title of this lesson, "I love You Father, and I love Your Son."

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