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Lesson 282 I will not be afraid of love today.

Lesson 282

I will not be afraid of love today.

If I could realize but this today, salvation would be reached for all the world. This the decision not to be insane, and to accept myself as God Himself, my Father and my Source, created me. This the determination not to be asleep in dreams of death, while truth remains forever living in the joy of love. And this the choice to recognize the Self Whom God created as the Son He loves, and Who remains my one Identity.

Father, Your Name is Love and so is mine. Such is the truth. And can the truth be changed by merely giving it another name? The name of fear is simply a mistake. Let me not be afraid of truth today.

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-Lesson 282
"I will not be afraid of love today."

It doesn't seem like I am afraid of Love when I make this dream real. It doesn't seem like I'm afraid of Love when I focus on bodies or individual personalities as though they were real.

In truth I know that this whole world is a defense against Love's oneness. When I believe in the stories of the world, I am joining with the ego. This means that I am afraid of Love. This means that I am choosing not to recognize the truth.

Fortunately Love is still there, whether I am willing to recognize it or not. In fact Love is all that is really there. No image making can change Reality and make It what It is not. Choosing to focus on separate forms instead of recognize the Love that is there is just the fear of Love.

Today I would practice opening to the recognition that Love is all that is there, no matter what the form looks like. Today I would practice recognizing that God is Love and therefore so am I. Today I would practice opening to Love's Presence, Which is always there, waiting for my acceptance. Let me not be afraid of the truth today.

Sometimes its fairly obvious when there is fear of Love, such as when someone is offered a gift of appreciation and responds with, "Oh no, I couldn't accept that." But most fear of Love is disguised in forms we do not recognize. The Course tells us that the world and bodies were made as a fence to keep God out, to keep Love out. Thus belief in the reality of any form in this world is fear of Love. It is trying to keep Love's Oneness away.

The forms are there to hide the deep guilt that everyone in this world has from believing we have separated from Love, our Source. This guilt is so intense that it cannot be acknowledged, so a world of images was made to project the guilt onto. This mechanism of projecting guilt does not deal with the Source of guilt. It merely seeks to place guilt outside of us so that we can seem to be relieved of guilt.

The only way to really be relieved of guilt is through forgiveness. It is not God's forgiveness that we need, for He has never condemned us. He still sees us as innocent as He created us. It is our own forgiveness that we need. We remove the fear of Love by forgiving ourselves for what we thought we did but that never happened in truth. It is through forgiveness that we recognize that we are still as God created us.

I practice forgiveness by taking each perception of an image, be it a person, a personality, a sunset -- any form in this world -- to the Holy Spirit to receive His interpretation. It is not wrong to see images. But it is a mistake to think I know what they mean on my own.

Let me walk this day with the Holy Spirit as my Interpreter so that I may see the Love beyond all forms and not use the images of this world as a defense against Love. With Him I walk in peace and gratitude, for He shows me the face of Christ everywhere I look. With His help I will welcome Love today.

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