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Lesson 267 My heart is beating in the peace of God.

Lesson 267

My heart is beating in the peace of God.

Surrounding me is all the life that God created in His Love. It calls to me in every heartbeat and in every breath; in every action and in every thought. Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness. Now my mind is healed, and all I need to save the world is given me. Each heartbeat brings me peace; each breath infuses me with strength. I am a messenger of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in love, and held forever quiet and at peace within His loving Arms. Each heartbeat calls His Name, and every one is answered by His Voice, assuring me I am at home in Him.

Let me attend Your Answer, not my own. Father, my heart is beating in the peace the Heart of Love created. It is there and only there that I can be at home.

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Lesson 267
"My heart is beating in the peace of God."

This lesson says to me that peace gives my body a new purpose. When I am at peace, I am able to see past behaviors of the body and see the Love that surrounds me everywhere. This is what forgiveness does. It lets go of illusions of separation and sees only the Love that is the reality in all that is.

If I am not at peace, I am in conflict. If I am in conflict, I will use the body to defend and attack. I use the body to see differences and to perceive myself as separate from everything. So it comes down to a simple choice. Do I want to be at peace and thus let go of illusions of differences and separation or do I want to hang on to my individuality, exchanging peace for conflict? Those are my only choices in truth. It always comes down to choosing between reality and illusion. The peace of God is reality. Conflict is illusion.

Judgment keeps conflict in place. Forgiveness releases illusion and opens my mind to recognize that my heart beats in the peace of God. Would I rather be right or happy? When I need to be right, I hang on to my judgments and hold separation firmly in place.

When I release my judgments to the Holy Spirit, He shows me what is real and what is not. What is recognized as unreal is easily let go and I can accept the reality of God's Love and peace everywhere.

Holy Spirit, guide my thoughts today. Guide my voice and my hands that I may be your messenger of Love to all I look upon or even think about, for I would remember that my heart is beating in the peace of God.

I always have everything I need to serve God's Plan for the awakening because everything comes from my one Self. And I cannot separate from my one Self. My one Self always resides in my mind. As I allow my mind to quiet and listen, I am able to feel the peace of God which is always there, waiting for my acceptance.

As I am willing to quiet my mind and listen, I remember that I am safe eternally. I remember that there is only one goal, and that is to awaken from the dream of separation. I remember what matters and what does not matter.

I rest a while in this healing peace. I remember that all that I need to play my part in the salvation of the world is given me. Every answer I need comes from my willingness to accept the peace of God and extend it to everyone equally.

Thank You Holy Spirit for Your ever present Love. I would practice listening to Your Voice all through the day, remembering that I am surrounded by God's Love. I would remain open to accepting Your peace. I would remember that my heart is beating in the peace of God. Let me attend Your answer, not my own.

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