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Lesson 245 Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.

Lesson 245

Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.

Your peace surrounds me, Father. Where I go, Your peace goes there with me. It sheds its light on everyone I meet. I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid. I give Your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss, or think they are bereft of hope and happiness. Send them to me, my Father. Let me bring Your peace with me. For I would save Your Son, as is Your Will, that I may come to recognize my Self.

And so we go in peace. To all the world we give the message that we have received. And thus we come to hear the Voice for God, Who speaks to us as we relate His Word; Whose Love we recognize because we share the Word that He has given unto us.

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Lesson 245
"Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe."

Because I am safe in God, the truth about me is invulnerable. God's Will is that I remain in His peace and in His Love. He has given all of Himself to me without limit. If I believe I am vulnerable in any way, I am contradicting the Will of God and I cannot experience peace while I hold this belief.

The ego would have me believe that I am a body and that the body is weak and frail, condemned to die, taking me with it in death. It is these lies that are the basis of all fear. There could be no fear if I recognize myself as God created me.

But the body does not have to serve the ego's purpose. It does not have to be the means to make separation, loss and death appear real. I can offer the body to the Holy Spirit to be used solely for His purpose. The Holy Spirit's purpose is always to teach that only Love is real and that all are safe in God. A weak and vulnerable body teaches the opposite. But a body that reflects a healthy mind at peace with itself teaches that Love is real and invulnerable. The body is then a teaching device, a means of communicating the Love that is the truth of What we are.

Holy Spirit, I offer my mind and body to you today. My thoughts I give you. Cleanse them of false beliefs, that they may express only your Love. Direct my words, my hands, my feet, that I may bring this message of Love to all my brothers in perfect peace.

I am a holy Son of God. I am worthy of His peace and with His peace comes perfect health, for what is illness but an outer demonstration of an inner conflict? I give my mind over to You, Holy Spirit, to direct. That is my desire, my will. I would follow You, knowing that you lead me on the path of Light that brings me to the peace of God. I stand in gratitude and joy to receive Your gifts and share them with all the world. Amen.

I would accept my Father, my Source, today. I would accept that I am in my Source and have not left my Source. I would accept that I am not different from my Source. The Father and the Son are one. When I accept the Source of my Being, I am accepting peace and Love and joy. I am accepting the abundance of that which is true. When I accept the truth, fear falls away because I cannot be harmed by illusions.

As I learn to step back from illusions, I remember I am safe. As I accept the truth of my safety, I give and extend the knowing of safety to my brothers. I extend the truth that we are all safe in the Mind of God. Illusions of fear and scarcity are not my will. When I accept the truth, I remember I am safe.

Dear God, today I would remember that nothing in this world of separation can harm me. I would remember that this world is illusion. I would remember that my real Life is the Life I live in God. I would remember that to remember Love I would extend the Love I am. I would remember that Love is sharing. Love is not separating. Love is joining and giving all Love to all. "Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe."

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