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Lesson 240 Fear is not justified in any form.

Lesson 240

Fear is not justified in any form.

Fear is deception. It attests that you have seen yourself as you could never be, and therefore look upon a world which is impossible. Not one thing in this world is true. It does not matter what the form in which it may appear. It witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself. Let us not be deceived today. We are the Sons of God. There is no fear in us, for we are each a part of Love Itself.

How foolish are our fears! Would You allow Your Son to suffer? Give us faith today to recognize Your Son, and set him free. Let us forgive him in Your Name, that we may understand his holiness, and feel the love for him which is Your Own as well.

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Lesson 240
"Fear is not justified in any form."

If I believe what the body's eyes show me, there appears to be countless reasons to be fearful. War and attack appear to be everywhere. Loss appears to be inevitable. Everywhere we turn there appears to be some threat to our safety and very existence. Yet all this is based upon the error of believing that we are a separate body, weak and vulnerable.

The body is part of a world that is entirely lies. Being a lie itself, it can only show us lies. Believing we are a body is believing in a lie. The body can neither make us safe nor bring us harm in truth. It appears to be destructive only while we believe that the body is what we are.

God created us one with Him. We share His strength and holiness. God, being Love, does not and could not will that we be in pain. We can only perceive pain if we believe we are not as God created us. It is belief in this false image of ourselves that must be undone for us to know the safety, freedom and happiness in which we live in God. We remain Love as God created us.

Where Love is, fear cannot exist. As we learn to recognize ourselves as Love and identify with that Love more strongly than we identify with a separate and vulnerable body, we experience God's safety more and more. We see less and less justification for fear. The Love that we are shines upon our world. We see the Love in our brother more clearly. We recognize calls for Love more quickly and respond to them with Love.

The way we make this shift is by practicing moment by moment listening to the Holy Spirit and receiving His vision, His interpretation of every circumstance. On our own, we will misinterpret everything because we are not on our own. The Holy Spirit teaches us our unity. And as we learn to see through His vision, we teach that unity to our brothers. And thus we do experience that fear is never justified in any form.

Where there is fear, there is not Love. Where there is fear, there is belief in separation from Love. Where there is fear, there is belief in what is not true. Where there is fear, there is belief in illusion.

Love does not change. Love is eternal. Love has nothing to do with a world of time and space, where everything constantly changes. Either eternal, changeless Love is true or a world of separate forms that constantly change is true. Where we choose to place our belief in determines what we experience.

Fear and guilt come with belief in constant change and separation. Peace, joy and awareness of oneness come with letting go of what was never real. That is our job now -- to not believe in a world of separate things. We are returning from a a mindset of separation, or fear, to the true universe of our oneness in God's Love. We are returning from fear to Love.

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