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Lesson 191

I am the holy Son of God Himself.

Here is your declaration of release from bondage of the world. And here as well is all the world released. You do not see what you have done by giving to the world the role of jailer to the Son of God. What could it be but vicious and afraid, fearful of shadows, punitive and wild, lacking all reason, blind, insane with hate?

What have you done that this should be your world? What have you done that this is what you see? Deny your own Identity, and this is what remains. You look on chaos and proclaim it is yourself. There is no sight that fails to witness this to you. There is no sound that does not speak of frailty within you and without; no breath you draw that does not seem to bring you nearer death; no hope you hold but will dissolve in tears.

Deny your own Identity, and you will not escape the madness which induced this weird, unnatural and ghostly thought that mocks creation and that laughs at God. Deny your own Identity, and you assail the universe alone, without a friend, a tiny particle of dust against the legions of your enemies. Deny your own Identity, and look on evil, sin and death, and watch despair snatch from your fingers every scrap of hope, leaving you nothing but the wish to die.

Yet what is it except a game you play in which Identity can be denied? You are as God created you. All else but this one thing is folly to believe. In this one thought is everyone set free. In this one truth are all illusions gone. In this one fact is sinlessness proclaimed to be forever part of everything, the central core of its existence and its guarantee of immortality.

But let today's idea find a place among your thoughts and you have risen far above the world, and all the worldly thoughts that hold it prisoner. And from this place of safety and escape you will return and set it free. For he who can accept his true Identity is truly saved. And his salvation is the gift he gives to everyone, in gratitude to Him Who pointed out the way to happiness that changed his whole perspective of the world.

One holy thought like this and you are free: You are the holy Son of God Himself. And with this holy thought you learn as well that you have freed the world. You have no need to use it cruelly, and then perceive this savage need in it. You set it free of your imprisonment. You will not see a devastating image of yourself walking the world in terror, with the world twisting in agony because your fears have laid the mark of death upon its heart.

Be glad today how very easily is hell undone. You need but tell yourself:

I am the holy Son of God Himself. I cannot suffer,
cannot be in pain; I cannot suffer loss, nor fail to do
all that salvation asks.

And in that thought is everything you look on wholly changed.

A miracle has lighted up all dark and ancient caverns, where the rites of death echoed since time began. For time has lost its hold upon the world. The Son of God has come in glory to redeem the lost, to save the helpless, and to give the world the gift of his forgiveness. Who could see the world as dark and sinful, when God's Son has come again at last to set it free?

You who perceive yourself as weak and frail, with futile hopes and devastated dreams, born but to die, to weep and suffer pain, hear this: All power is given unto you in earth and Heaven. There is nothing that you cannot do. You play the game of death, of being helpless, pitifully tied to dissolution in a world which shows no mercy to you. Yet when you accord it mercy, will its mercy shine on you.

Then let the Son of God awaken from his sleep, and opening his holy eyes, return again to bless the world he made. In error it began, but it will end in the reflection of his holiness. And he will sleep no more and dream of death. Then join with me today. Your glory is the light that saves the world. Do not withhold salvation longer. Look about the world, and see the suffering there. Is not your heart willing to bring your weary brothers rest?

They must await your own release. They stay in chains till you are free. They cannot see the mercy of the world until you find it in yourself. They suffer pain until you have denied its hold on you. They die till you accept your own eternal life. You are the holy Son of God Himself. Remember this, and all the world is free. Remember this, and earth and Heaven are one.

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Lesson 191
"I am the holy Son of God Himself."

Today's lesson is another step in the complete reversal of all I have thought is true. "I am the holy Son of God Himself." This is definitely not the way I thought of myself. The list of all the forms of lovelessness given in the first paragraph, last sentence, is more in line with what I have been used to seeing. Yet I am learning that this is only the effect of denying my Identity.

On a feeling level, there has always been a faint glimmer, deep in the recesses of my mind that the world I experienced and the identity I believed was me was not really true. It comes with great relief and a joyous "I knew it!" to read this lesson. I feel it releasing me from the pain of a loveless identity. I feel it resonating in my heart with a song of joy. That faint glimmer is fanned into an ever brightening flame each time I affirm, "I am the holy Son of God Himself."

I feel the relief of recognition of what is true and release from a false identity that never could be true. I walk with a lighter step and a gentle smile on my face. I look on a more benevolent world. The gratitude I feel reaches out in blessing to all and comes back to me magnified a thousand times. The Light in me recognizes the Light in you and we join together in our Creator, our Source. And I remember I am as Love created me.

Today's lesson is about what the whole Course is about -- helping and encouraging us to accept our true Identity as an extension of Love. "You are as God created you. All else but this one thing is folly to believe." (4:2-3)

I see that it is my job to watch my thoughts and look at what I am believing as I go through my day today and every day. Am I remembering that all power is given to me in earth and Heaven? Am I remembering that there is nothing that I cannot do? Or am I playing the game of being weak and frail? Am I thinking that I am helpless?

The way out of the dream is to see the barriers I am placing in the way of my recognition that my true Identity is an extension of Love and nothing else. And these barriers come in the form of placing my beliefs in limiting thoughts. Am I accepting limitation as true this minute? How are my thoughts denying my Identity as a Son of God?

Today's lesson gets to the core of awakening. It gets to the core of how to free myself from thoughts that deny my Identity. It teaches me to reverse my thinking. It teaches me to refuse to believe in the games of limitation I have accepted as true. Practicing this lesson helps me let go of the bondage of a world that is trying to be the opposite of God. In order to do this, I must be willing to quiet my busy mind frequently through the day and let my mind be filled with the truth of my Identity as an extension of Love. "I am the holy Son of God Himself."

This is such an incredible lesson and I feel grateful as I realize I am willing to believe it. When I read it the first time, I could not even bring myself to say it out loud! My resistance was so strong that I could barely understand what I was reading. Over time, I have lessened my resistance and today as I read it I was filled with joy. I don't fully accept it as true, but now my resistance is more of a, "I don't fully accept it -- now," variety. I recognize that I want it and that I can invision it happening. I can see the blocks to full acceptance and am glad to work on releasing them.

This morning Holy Spirit showed me one of the blocks I need to release. During my meditation I started thinking about an error I made awhile back and was surprised at how much I was still bothered by it. Later while I was dressing I thought of something else that happened yesterday and was irritated all over again. When this happened a third time, I got the hint. I thought about the passage in another lesson that assures us Holy Spirit cannot be delayed in His teaching by our errors, only in our unwillingness to let them go. I thanked Holy Spirit for helping me to see what I was doing and asked His help in releasing the past.

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