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Lesson 91 “Miracles are seen in light.”


Miracles are seen in light.

It is important to remember that miracles and vision necessarily go together. This needs repeating, and frequent repeating. It is a central idea in your new thought system, and the perception that it produces. The miracle is always there. Its presence is not caused by your vision; its absence is not the result of your failure to see. It is only your awareness of miracles that is affected. You will see them in the light; you will not see them in the dark.

To you, then, light is crucial. While you remain in darkness, the miracle remains unseen. Thus you are convinced it is not there. This follows from the premises from which the darkness comes. Denial of light leads to failure to perceive it. Failure to perceive light is to perceive darkness. The light is useless to you then, even though it is there. You cannot use it because its presence is unknown to you. And the seeming reality of the darkness makes the idea of light meaningless.

To be told that what you do not see is there sounds like insanity. It is very difficult to become convinced that it is insanity not to see what is there, and to see what is not there instead. You do not doubt that the body's eyes can see. You do not doubt the images they show you are reality. Your faith lies in the darkness, not the light. How can this be reversed? For you it is impossible, but you are not alone in this.

Your efforts, however little they may be, have strong support. Did you but realize how great this strength, your doubts would vanish. Today we will devote ourselves to the attempt to let you feel this strength. When you have felt the strength in you, which makes all miracles within your easy reach, you will not doubt. The miracles your sense of weakness hides will leap into awareness as you feel the strength in you.

Three times today, set aside about ten minutes for a quiet time in which you try to leave your weakness behind. This is accomplished very simply, as you instruct yourself that you are not a body. Faith goes to what you want, and you instruct your mind accordingly. Your will remains your teacher, and your will has all the strength to do what it desires. You can escape the body if you choose. You can experience the strength in you.

Begin the longer practice periods with this statement of true cause and effect relationships:

Miracles are seen in light.
The body's eyes do not perceive the light.
But I am not a body. What am I?

The question with which this statement ends is needed for our exercises today. What you think you are is a belief to be undone. But what you really are must be revealed to you. The belief you are a body calls for correction, being a mistake. 0 The truth of what you are calls on the strength in you to bring to your awareness what the mistake conceals.

If you are not a body, what are you? You need to be aware of what the Holy Spirit uses to replace the image of a body in your mind. You need to feel something to put your faith in, as you lift it from the body. You need a real experience of something else, something more solid and more sure; more worthy of your faith, and really there.

If you are not a body, what are you? Ask this in honesty, and then devote several minutes to allowing your mistaken thoughts about your attributes to be corrected, and their opposites to take their place. Say, for example:

I am not weak, but strong.
I am not helpless, but all powerful.
I am not limited, but unlimited.
I am not doubtful, but certain.
I am not an illusion, but a reality.
I cannot see in darkness, but in light.

In the second phase of the exercise period, try to experience these truths about yourself. Concentrate particularly on the experience of strength. Remember that all sense of weakness is associated with the belief you are a body, a belief that is mistaken and deserves no faith. Try to remove your faith from it, if only for a moment. You will be accustomed to keeping faith with the more worthy in you as we go along.

Relax for the rest of the practice period, confident that your efforts, however meager, are fully supported by the strength of God and all His Thoughts. It is from Them that your strength will come. It is through Their strong support that you will feel the strength in you. They are united with you in this practice period, in which you share a purpose like Their Own. Theirs is the light in which you will see miracles, because Their strength is yours. Their strength becomes your eyes, that you may see.

Five or six times an hour, at reasonably regular intervals, remind yourself that miracles are seen in light. Also, be sure to meet temptation with today's idea. This form would be helpful for this special purpose:

Miracles are seen in light. Let me not close my eyes because of this.


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Lesson 91
“Miracles are seen in light.”

The part of my mind that remembers the truth is the strength in me. The part of my mind that makes illusions real is the part that feels weak, helpless, limited and doubtful. My faith goes to what I want and instructs my mind accordingly.

With this lesson I am going through the process of putting my faith in the strength in me, the Light in me. When I put my faith in the light, I see miracles. The miracle is always there, but I will only see it when I put my faith in the strength in me, in the Light in me. The Holy Spirit in my mind leads me to the Light I am, leads me to the strength that I am. As I open my willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit, I am able to feel this strength. I am able to feel the power of God’s Love. I am able to feel that I am not a body.

At this point, this takes determined focus and determined practice. Right now it seems all too easy to join with the weakness rather than the strength. This is a perfect lesson for me today. This lesson leads me very gently to a change of mind. This lesson helps me change my mind about what I put my faith in, about what I want to see and feel.

The world is an illusion. There is no outside world. I am mind in the Mind of God. This Mind is stable and strong and invulnerable. This Mind is all inclusive. This Mind is what everyone is. Today I am willing to practice putting my faith in this Mind. I am willing to practice remembering the strength in me, remembering the Light that I am. In the Light, I see through the eyes of Christ. I see miracles where I once saw weakness. I see the truth where I once saw illusions.

This lesson tells me that the Light that shows me miracles is not the light that my body’s eyes see. The Light in which miracles are seen does not come from a finite source like the sun or a light bulb. This Light is all encompassing, for It is the Light of Love.

In the first chapter of the Text, it tells us that miracles are extensions of Love. So of course miracles are seen in the Light of Love. So I am learning here to not rely on the body’s eyes to show me miracles. The body’s eyes cannot see in the Light of miracles. Yet I am assured that I am entitled to miracles. Therefore I must not be limited by the body and its abilities to perceive. I must not be a body. What am I?

Asking this question is an important step in letting go of identification with a false image. If I believe I already know what I am, I am not open to instruction or learning. I am not open to another perception. Of my little self, thinking I am separate and identified with a body, I cannot answer this question. But there is a part of my mind that already knows the answer. By asking the question I open my mind to be taught.

Today I would let go of the uncertainties that come with believing I am a body. I am willing to open to a new perception of what I am. I have experienced moments of feeling deep Love and offering It to others. It is a feeling of power and safety. It is this strength that I would accept as my own. Today I will practice walking with the awareness of the Light that surrounds me that I may see the miracles of Love’s extension wherever I look.

>Sometimes I feel so far from my true Self that I cannot imagine how I will get back to it. I think to myself, "What am I?" and I just draw a blank. I felt very encouraged to read the line that says that doing this alone would be impossible. Wow! What a relief to know it is not just me, evidently everyone needs help and what wonderful news that we have strong support in our efforts.

I also appreciate the emphasis on my strength. I don't feel very strong and this is a great excuse for my ego to use to discourage me from trying. It is my intention to experience the strength of my will today and not the weakness that I have believed in for so long.

I have been thinking I am struggling with a chronic health problem lately. As I worked my way through this lesson today I realized why I don't think I am seeing the miraculous healing. I am not seeing truly. I'm going to try to put faith in the Light, because miracles are seen only in Light.

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