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Lesson 88 Review: “The light has come.” and “I am under no laws but God’s.”


Today we will review these ideas:

The light has come.

In choosing salvation rather than attack, I merely choose to recognize what is already there. Salvation is a decision made already. Attack and grievances are not there to choose. That is why I always choose between truth and illusion; between what is there and what is not. The light has come. I can but choose the light, for it has no alternative. It has replaced the darkness, and the darkness has gone.

These would prove useful forms for specific applications of this idea:

This cannot show me darkness, for the light has come.

The light in you is all that I would see, [name].
I would see in this only what is there.

I am under no laws but God's.

Here is the perfect statement of my freedom. I am under no laws but God's. I am constantly tempted to make up other laws and give them power over me. I suffer only because of my belief in them. They have no real effect on me at all. I am perfectly free of the effects of all laws save God's. And His are the laws of freedom.

For specific forms in applying this idea, these would be useful:

My perception of this shows me I believe in laws that do not exist.

I see only the laws of God at work in this.
Let me allow God's laws to work in this, and not my own.


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Lesson 88
Review: “The light has come.” and “I am under no laws but God’s.”

Today’s lesson helps me distinguish between the real and the unreal. This lesson helps me let go of the arrogance of the ego in thinking that it knows anything or that its laws are real. This lesson helps me recognize where I need help in changing my mind.

I obviously need practice in this. I have believed that the effects of the ego thought system were real. And because of this, I have felt limited and alone. I have felt separated from God.

Today’s lesson reminds me that it is over. The Light has come. As I am willing, the Light is all there is to see because the Light is all that is there. Forms of separation are illusions. I really am under no laws but God’s because if it is not of God, it is not real and does not exist.

Today’s lesson is a very important lesson for me to practice. Because I am part of God, I am only under God’s laws. I am willing to look today at the thoughts in my mind that try to deny God’s laws. I am willing to look today at what is really there. The Light has come. It is only my holding on to false ideas that brings me the effect of seeing something else.

Let me allow God’s laws to work in each project I work on today and not my own. I would step back and follow and let go of the idea that I know anything on my own. I would open my mind to Love’s comfort and support. I would not reject God today. This is my practice for today.

The ego makes up a million stories that seem to make its thought system appear real. The stories all revolve around the body -- what it can do, what it cannot do, what can happen to it. The body appears to be vulnerable and needs constant protection.

Associated with the body is a personality. Being an extension of the idea of a separate identity, like the body, this personality is vulnerable and needs constant protection. One or two words can bring intense pain to this personality identity. A few other words can seem to bring it to heights of happiness. But consistency is unknown to this identity.

All this is characteristic of the stories of the ego thought system. It is characteristic of the ego’s made up laws. The laws themselves are inconsistent, for they seem to apply in some situations and not others. Believing in this unreliable, capricious and constantly changing system of “laws” brings great stress. There can be no certainty here.

Accepting that the Light has come and there is in reality nothing else to choose brings the end of the stress that comes with uncertainty. The Light is certain and unchanging because the Light is God, Love. This Light is all there is, and because It is God, only His laws prevail in this Light.

The instability of the ego thought system is inevitable because it is all illusion. Illusion by its nature cannot be stable. If I choose the illusion of the ego, I choose an unstable, unreliable world. If I choose the consistency of the Light, I choose the safety and peace of God.

My prayer today is, “Holy Spirit, help me to recognize the illusions of the ego thought systems for what they are. I am willing to let the Light replace the darkness I have made up. I am willing to be under no laws but God’s. I am willing to be Love and nothing else.”

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